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Severina Vuckovic homemade tape

Severina Vuckovic sextape

Croatian pop star Severina Vuckovic is a big name in her country and in Europe, so needless to say, if she screws up, she screws up big time. Add to that, she used to be an icon of righteous and religious modesty, preaching abstinence to European teens. So just imagine the controversy she has gone through upon the release of her shocking sextape in 2004.

Severina Vuckovic sextape

The Croatian pop star’s sextape has got it all–blow job, hand job, hardcore fuck. Severina fucks like a porn star and rides her man like a maniac. And all this was caught on tape. It is truly a must see!

Severina Vuckovic sextape

So you better drop by here to watch the entire Severina Vuckovic sextape!

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Tyra Banks is back to being sexy

Tyra Banks sexy pics

America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks has been slowly returning to her hot voluptuous self, and I couldn’t be happier. Why, imagine my horror when I came across an episode of the said reality show with Tyra looking like she was inflated 10 times! I know, she was known for her curves, but Tyra Banks is hotter when she’s not fat. I guess, everyone is.

Tyra Banks sexy pics

So anyway, I’ve seen new photos and episodes of the latest season of the reality show and Tyra has seem to go back to her hot self once again. With all the curves in the right places, and her boobs and ass looking just fine. That hot black booty’s one for spanking.

Tyra Banks sexy pics

Anyway, check out more of Tyra Banks sexy pics here!

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Kate Upton’s nice boobies

busty kate upton in bikini

Beach Bunny Swimwear is back with a new set of bikinis for the ladies to wear and Kate Upton is back to show them off. One thing that amazes me is that whenever Beach Bunny releases a new line of swimwears, kate Upton never fails to pull off a great aura of attraction. Kate Upton’s big tits are just so grab-worthy.

kate upton side boobs

I can just tell you that Kate Upton has really big 20 year old melons in them….juggs that I am sure the rest of her body is going to catch up with….boobies that are probably so spectacular as they may appear to be.

kate upton nipple slip

Check this shot…seems like Kate Upton begs to get fucked here. Oh look, she almost had a nipple slip there. I’m not sure how many times I have Kate Upton bikini photos on this site, but in any case I think that they can not get enough. Knowing that she is one of the hottest piece of butt now I could post thousands and thousands of pictures of this babe and never get tired of them.

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Lucy Liu looking good at LAX

lucy liu cleavage

Lucy Liu is not the typical action-packed actress. She was the ultimate sultry seductress, baring her sweet smile out in the open and giving that just-fucked facial expression in all the right places. Oh yes, I’ll be fucking your mind off, you sexy Asian babe. Who wouldn’t want to slide a dick in between those legs and have you squirt such creamy cum.

lucy liu in skinny jeans

I always have a thing for oriental looking hotties stripping naked with a sweet smile flowing along their soft delicious lips. I never give up on dreaming that someday we can get a hold of some Lucy Liu fucktape.

lucy liu looking good in tight jeans

And don’t forget my hard-on. It’s been budging ever so hard from seeing raunchy naked pictures of you the other day. Don’t fret my dear Lucy, you wouldn’t need to take a breather from that tight denim jeans while I let you scream in pleasure.

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Miranda Kerr’s body screened at LAX

miranda kerr shows some skin

Our resident paparazzi’s camera lens has caught Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr getting her body screened in Lax. Miranda Kerr is only wearing clothes that are suitable on the bed. I know it isn’t right, but I think I’m horny with Miranda Kerr. And with that, I mean I want to enclose her in my arms, kiss her dimpled cheek, and then bang her so hard with my stiff penis.

miranda kerr body screening

Well, you can’t really blame me. Miranda Kerr radiates sex appeal wherever she goes. Here she is sort of submitting herself in the hands of the authorities. Hmmm they might be even luckier if they get their security-hands check her body. But I still can’t help but think of Miranda’s husband as even luckier…he’s able to spank Miranda Kerr’s sweet ass when they fuck whenever they want.

miranda kerr sexy back

I know there is nothing special about these photos of Miranda Kerr ,but I just love her raunchy skin and figure. Her eyes are so gentle and natural that makes you smile even more.This Victoria Secret supermodel has raunchy ass and in this pajama-like pants she showed us that. Hot as hell yet casual.

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MILFy Jennifer Nicole Lee in a skimpy skirt

Jennifer Nicole Lee (otherwise known as “JNL”) was spotted by our resident paparazzi walking down the street wearing a nice little mini dress…making us beg for some Jennifer Nicole Lee upskirt shots. As some of you didn’t know, Jennifer Nicole Lee became known for losing 70 pounds and launching a career as a fitness guru after bearing two children…which lead her to become a fitness model, actress, motivational speaker, and author. Mmmmm…talking about fully packaged MILF here.

Eversince Jennifer got exposed into the limelight, she has got me totally captivated on her six-pack abs, well-toned thighs and that very defined ass. Just look at these sexy photos of her and you’ll know what I mean. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up to her and feel Jennifer Nicole Lee’s MILFy ass poking your face as you lose yourself in them?

Ahhh…an almost-Jennifer Nicole Lee upskirt shot! I’d want to bury myself in those sweet pair of glorious thighs, while hearing her panting with every heave and shove my hands make as I roam around that sweet raunchy body. And before I get carried away, let me leave you to your own sticky fantasies with these sexy pictures of Jennifer Nicole Lee. Help yourselves.

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Caroline Murphy sextape

Caroline Murphy homemade porn tape

Looking for a supermodel sextape? Well, I’ve got one right here. Here’s the infamous Caroline Murphy homemade porn tape. This vid’s rather short, but it’s explosive as hell!

Caroline Murphy homemade porn tape

The video, of course, features Caroline dancing naked inf ront fo the camera. Next thing you know, she goes and rides her ex-husband’s cock like a madman! She even goes around and gets fucked in a reverse cowgirl position to get more pleasure!

Caroline Murphy homemade porn tape

Sure it isn’t enough for you to just view these screencaps, so why don’t you visit this place here and watch the entire Caroline Murphy sextape!

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Ashley Tisdale shows daytime cleavage

ashley tisdale sexy legs

Sexy Celeb Babe Ashely Tisdale was seen strutting around town in a sweet pair of short shorts and showing off those Sexy Long Legs. Not to forget, some Ashley Tisdale boob crack. Ashley Tisdale is one of the hottest actresses of the last few years and I personally can’t wait until this babe starts to leak out some sextape with that Tight Yummy Body.

ashley tisdale cleavage

The High School Musical star seemed to enjoy her trip, smiling broadly as she balanced her handbag and her doggy. Now this naughty brain of mine makes me wonder how good can it be for an Ashley Tisdale doggiestyle. Intuition tells me she may be very good at it.

ashley tisdale doggy

Ashley Tisdale may have one of the sexiest legs ever. Look at that thing plus her cleavage and be careful not to drool on your keyboard, those thighs are so firm that you could bounce quarters off of it… amongst other things. Sexy Celeb Babe Ashley Tisdale looks yummy as she heads out with her bag and her doggy, keeping that body toned and tight. Ready for some Ashley Tisdale dogstyle! (via pet grooming salon)

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Gabrielle Union shows some skin with her bikini

Gabrielle Union soaked up the sunshine in a nice little bikini. It’s no surprise that the 40-year-old has kept in such great shape, after all she is best known for her role as ‘Isis’ in the movie, ‘Bring It On’ where she plays a cheerleader. I love how prominent Gabrielle Union’s nice ass is.

Gabrielle Union showed off her rocking physique in a tiny black bikini that she paired with a cowboy hat. The curvy former model looked like she could easily still pose in front of the camera as she sauntered around the sands. Gabrielle recently revealed she is always careful when she goes in the skin, despite having dark skin. The Bad Boys star said: ‘I don’t tan on purpose, but I do a lot of beach workouts. But I go SPF 110.” But who cares about that SPF sh*t? I’d rather slide my cock inside Gabrielle Union’s vagina.

I kind of envy Gabrielle’s BF Dwayne Wade for having such a creamy caramel GF. I bet Dwayne is having a time of his life banging Gabrielle Union’s vagina just as he dribbles basketball in the court.

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Amy Childs in almost nude get-up

amy childs boobs

Here is busty British hottie with huge juggs Amy Childs in a really tight dress stretched out by her massive tits and flashing her panties to the paparazzi because it will get people talking about her, or at least she hopes. That’s something all girls like her want, being some boobsie talentless slag is competitive. So any and all attention is needed. Something I always hope results in an Amy Childs fucktape.

amy childs almost naked

Here is Amy Childs in her see-through clothing showing off a lot of her hot body and boob exposure. Now, I truly believe that I’m getting horny with this Amy Childs woman and I think it’s pretty clear why. I love those huge juggs , a penis could get lost in between those things.

amy childs ready to fuck

I would probably have said that this is not what I expect from the girl as Amy Childs, because she is usually covered up, but she is looking fucking adorable in this tight see-through dress so I really could not resist and not share these pictures with you. Now if only she can figure out a way to show some sextape in the future that would be awesome. Everything that involves Amy Childs massive fat melons is noteworthy.

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