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Maggie Q almost reveal her titties

maggie q almost revealing her titties

I’ve first spotted this oriental vixen in the movie Mission Impossible 3 and since then, she has become my dick’s favorite inspiration. Maggie Q has always been involved with roles that requires alot of action and martial arts. How hot can that be,she can use my hard cock as her sword and hump her into pieces for all I care. Pictured above is Maggie Q revealing almost her nipples….mmmm more please!

maggie q not wearing any undies

My breath has been taken away upon seeing Maggie Q dressed up in a thin-layered dress because you could clearly see Maggie Q is not wearing any undies at all. Take a look at Maggie Q’s titties… they may be barely exposed technically but hey it’s as close to nudity (like her sex scenes in Manhattan Midnight and Naked Weapon). Now excuse me Miss Maggie but could you raise your skirt a bit so I can see your vagina?

maggie q perky nipples

Here, she probably is thinking about how she could be more of a tease with some sort of a slogan like Maggie Q perky nipples. Pretty catchy eh? Don’t worry Miss Maggie (as if I’m really talking to her eh? Right,dream on) I’ll slowly take your clothes off, take pictures of you and flash them online as Maggie Q nude pictures..then put my cock inside of you and fuck you continuously until I cum inside of you.

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Sofia Vergara almost nip slip and upskirt

sofia vergara bare back

This Colombian bombshell has got hundreds of horny guys chasing after her since Chasing Papi. We can’t blame them…after all, what’s not to chase with Sofia Sofia Vergara’s sexy body? Our resident paparazzi caught Sofia Vergara in a red carpet event wearing a lovely red dress complementing every curves including her boobies and ass.

sofia vergara pussy almost revealed

Sofia Vergara is an absolute head-turner. Every event she goes,dicks rise up in secrecy. Our paparazzi should’ve gone the extra mile by taking a full shot of Sofia Sofia Vergara’s vagina while she gets out of the car. Failure is not an option—we won’t quit until we see even the slightest bit of Sofia Sofia Vergara’s nips.

sofia vergara big breast

Now here comes the fun part. I’m not even sure if this is some sort of an auction nor does it look like a party but we are super glad of how Sofia seems to jump up from her chair and raises her hand. We fervently hope of seeing the melons of Sofia Vergara as our hard dicks are waiting on standby like radars on the lookout. Guys,if you don’t know it yet but Sofia Vergara is a certified MILF. Well that explains the reason behind Sofia Vergara juicier looking boobs and ass.

Explicit Celebs

Vanessa Minnillo sexy bikini pics

Vanessa Minnillo bikini pics

I totally understand why Nick Lachey keeps coming back to this half-American, half-Filipino hottie, Vanessa Minnillo. Why, who wouldn’t get hooked with all the hotness exuding from this Hollywood celebrity? Not only does she has a sexy, natural tan all over her hot bod. She also has–wait for it–fucking big tits that Nick sure loves to bury his head in!

Vanessa Minnillo bikini pics

And don’t let me get started talking about how she looks in a bikini. Man, she’s hot. Those big tits just seem to have their own life, that they are popping out of her bikini top. And her ass. Man, imagining that I’m pounding her doggiestyle makes me jerk off without touching my cock. That’s how hot she is.

Vanessa Minnillo bikini pics

There are tons of other Vanessa Minnillo’s hot pics here, so go ahead and dig in!

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Olivia Wilde walking braless

olivia wilde braless

The hottie that we all fantasize at House MD will surely drive you nuts as we give you pictures of Olivia Wilde walking down the street bra-less. You know how celebs could be dumb when they thought that wearing shades could conceal their identity. That’s just one mistake that Olivia Wilde did but other than that, she just put on a thin-layered dress without any underwear underneath it. I guess maybe she’s just in a hurry.

olivia wilde perky nipples

Mmmm look at Olivia Wilde’s boobies…don’t you just wish you are in the place of Emil Hirsch when he licks on Olivia Wilde’s tits in the movie The Alpha Dog? I bet you do! A bit off-topic here but if you watched that movie,you should know then and there that Olivia Wilde got disappointed to Emil Hirsch because Olivia Wilde wants to get fucked but Emil got a lame-ass dick. Oh well…why not just slide that dick of yours in between Olivia Wilde’s titties?

olivia wilde side boobs

I’m very thankful for our paparazzi for this impromptu pictures of Olivia Wilde wearing no bra as her nipples protrude. It ain’t bad at all for getting wild over Olivia Wilde like an animal breaking out of its domestication and chooses its wild instincts instead. So come on in and feast on more of Olivia Wilde’s naked pictures!

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Zhang Jing Si nude pics

Zhang Jing Si Miss Commerce

I’ve always thought Asian girls are kinky, and well, as you know, I’m right. Here’s another oriental babe who shocked the Asian community with her leaked nude pictures. Meet Zhang Jing Si, a beauty pageant contestant of Miss Commerce Hongkong. Her racy naked photos were leaked to the public just before the pageant has began, forcing the beauty queen to withdraw her name from the competition.

Zhang Jing Si nudes

Well, I have to say her naked pics are pretty scandalous, even if she says they’re not and it was “pure art” and “not sexually obscene.” Right. As you can see, the pics were shot by pbviously, an amateur photographer, maybe a lover, and her poses are sexually suggestive. Why, she was basically flaunting her big tits (not your typical asian boobies), and spreading her pussy, now is that pure art? I say, it’s porn.

Zhang Jing Si nudes

Anyway, check out the rest of nude pics here and see what I’m talking about.

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Beyonce in a see-through gown

Who doesn’t fantasize on Beyonce? The queen of Bootylicious has launched millions of hard dicks shooting semen in the air–Beyonce should just shout “put your dicks in the air” in every concert. Too bad an ugly motherfucker like Jay-Z is lucky enough to land on Beyonce’s ebony cunt. But fret not because we’re lucky enough to take snapshots of Beyonce in a revealing dress wherein you could almost see all of Beyonce’s hidden gems.

Hoooly shit! I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely growling with hornyness in this angle…like a hungry tiger spotting at a nearby prey. Beyonce’s butt shot is definitely making penises all over the world explode…like a mad terrorist converting into a suicide bomber. Bin Laden should’ve been a good fit for her instead of Jay-Z! Anyway,I’m definitely loving this angle. Doggystle fantasies comes into play.

Now this one’s a killer! Is Beyonce a murderer or what! Fucking Beyonce in doggystyle position while spanking her ass…isn’t that what comes into your mind? You’re lame if it’s not! Beyonce is now a certified MILF! Just look at how she looks now right after giving birth…still hotter as hell! alright…I’m getting a bit furious here. Why don’t you guys hop on in and enjoy more of Beyonce’s hot and revealing snapshots?

Explicit Celebs

Paris Hilton nipslip in a cut-out white gown

One can never be too careful in these tight-fit revealing gowns. In Hollywood, every single celebrity who dare wear something skimpy in front of their fans and wherever they may wander, paparazzi are sure to be just a few inches away from their pace and taking all the pictures they can, hoping something worthwhile would happen. You know, something like what Paris Hilton might have successfully given these photogs, some piece of skin from that perky breasts of hers.

While a lot of us already seen so many leaked photos of Paris where her tits are displayed rather shamelessly, it’s still a hit on the net when there’s a sudden flash of those funbags while they are in their supposedly glamorous getup. RealityStarScandals.com always has a way to catch these red carpet offenders and we make sure to bring you the hottest picture galleries where famous celebs like Paris Hilton are caught in a not-so-flattering image. Gotta blame their choice in outfits. But probably they do want to ‘accidentally’ show their butt or give a peek of their twat when they go for a no-undies look under those body-hugging mini dresses.

Besides, these instances give them the spotlight and maybe a month’s worth of publicity when it comes to social media. Paris Hilton fits right in Reality Star Scandals since she’s one of ’em hardcore chicks who has a lot hiding under those sleeves if she needed to be in the center of it all. This photo set is just the tip of the iceberg as you can only hope to see more of those perky tits. We have more revealing stuff to show soon so better watch out for those.

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Heidi Montag candid shots of her big titties

heidi montag big boobs

Our resident paparazzi caught the boobilicious Heide Montag going to some sort of a baby shower party. Wearing a pink tight top, we can’t help but notice how her breasts stand out for the whole world to see. We’ve seen so much of her in MTV’s The Hills but since then we couldn’t get enough of until her name becomes synonymous to large juggs.

heide montag big breasts

That’s right…flaunt it good baby yeah! Heide Montag doesn’t seem to mind any paparazzi focusing on her large pair of boobs. A sign of exhibitionism perhaps? Heck we all love to shoot loads of cum right on Heidi Montag’s big boobies! Just protrude your large titties more,Heidi…please!

heidi montag large melons

Feast your horny eyes on Heide Montag’s large boobies and see if you can’t help but slip out your cock and jack off. We also have tons more pics of Heide Montag naked. Don’t believe me? Come see them…I dare you.

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Heather Morris LEAKED phone pics

heather morris leaked phone pics

You have to agree with me that real men watch Glee. And if you’re like me,I won’t mind the episodes’ stories. We all share the same thing and that is how we fantasize on those girls—including that dumb blonde cheerleader played by Heather Morris. I have to admit that I just love the parts when they sing and dance…Heather being the most skillful dancer of them all,sways her booty and entire body oh so fine. If you’re kind of tired seeing Heather in the same old cheerleader outfit, then check out her picture above as Heather Morris flaunts herself wearing only her pair of underwear. Wish you’d see Heather Morris naked? Then scroll down..

Heather Morris naked pics

Is this a dream come true or what? Thank goodness for today’s technology. What may seem to be a personal accessory can be easily hacked if not taken care of. And that’s what happened to this Glee star. Heather Morris took pictures of herself using her camfone mostly in tempting poses but lo and behold…the hacker has successfully dug up hidden nude pictures of Heather Morris! Mmmm look at that boob..don’t you just wish she’s on top of you in that picture and gently suck her pink nipple?

heather morris nude body exposed

It may seem to be narcissistic for Heather Morris to always take snapshots of herself like these…but who cares? She’s got the beauty and the body all worth dying for (not that I want to die now). When we watch Glee, we all wish we have some sort of a pair of x-ray glasses as we watch Heather dance and sway so lustful…hoping to see what’s underneath her skimpy Cheerio outfit. Great job,Mr.Hacker! Now we get to enjoy all of Heather Morris leaked nude pictures!

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Zhang Ziyi scandalous topless pics

Zhang Ziyi scandal

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi have caused a controversy to her country by going sunbathing on a beach. What was so scandalous about it, you ask? Well, the The Memoirs of a Geisha star went sunbathing topless with her boyfriend, who is a bit too horny that he fingered and played her ass in public. This caused for her to be criticized by the Chinese people, calling her “shameless“.

Zhang Ziyi scandal

Now I don’t know exactly why the Chinese were scandalized by those topless pics of the Asian hottie. I mean, yeah, she flaunted her small tits in public, but hasn’t she done that in her films yet?  And okay, her fiance may have been all over her ass, I get that the Chinese were shocked to see that, but come on. Shock is okay, but ridicule, isn’t that a little too much?

Zhang Ziyi scandal

Well, anyway, if you’re not Chinese, or if you are, but you don’t care that Zhang Ziyi went topless and flirty in public, come on and drop by here to view the rest of the oriental celeb’s scandalous pics.

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