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Hot Cleavage And Bikini Photos Of Mel B While On A Speedboat

“Every ship has it’s own personality, the tricks it does, the foibles it has.” That’s why this former “Spice Girl” and “X-Factor” judge, Melanie Brown or popularly known as Mel B finds her speedboat the best place to relax and do sunbathing. Catch her feeling the breeze of cool air underneath the sun while sporting her skimpy undies in these sets of pics inside Ebony Hollywood.

See her flaunting her awesome and delightful ebony physique while sporting Ebony Hollywooda petite black bra for her top and floral bikini as she enjoys one fine and sunny day on a speedboat with her man! Maybe she really needs to relax a bit after attending the Waverly Local Court in Sydney last thursday (November 1, 2012) and seeking to take out an apprehended violence order against Australian paparazzi Jamie Fawcett.

I can’t think of anything nasty to say at this sweet and charming ebony celeb, Mel B, I just envy her and that makes me so eager to have my vacation too with my own boat. For now, enjoy these sweet speedboat sunbathing, hot cleavage and bikini photos of Mel B! To see more hot ebony celebs getting sexy, skanky and scandalous, head on over at Ebony Hollywood today!

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Liz Parada’s bikini smoking hot body


With a fuckable hot body like this, any chick shouldn’t worry if she lacks in the looks department because any guy with a cock would sure as fuck beat his dick raw over naked pics of that hoe. Liz Parada’s bikini body is exactly what I want to see waiting for me at the beach. Her hot ebony skin would sure glisten in the sun and it would make me want to rip her bikinis off, spread her legs and her dark pussy lips and bury my face in there.


Ofcourse like a horny ebony chick, she would scream wildly in orgasm then I would ram my stiff dick in Liz Paranda’s pussy that is already soaking with her juice and fuck her guts out. Damn…I got carried away with these sex fantasies I have of her. But really, can you blame a horny bastard who has a fetish for ridiculously hot black chicks like this one?


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Lara Stone Wets Her Bra-less Boobs For A Mag

Warning! NFSW photos of a super hot celebrity on this week’s edition of Celebrity Spanker! To cure us all from the post-Halloween party hung-overs which we all have been nursing all weekend long, here are some extra hot topless snapshots of Lara Stone. The 28 year old super alluring Dutch model bared her boobs in front of fashion photographer Mikale Jansson’s digital slr for a very raunchy Fall/Winter editorial spread for The Last Magazine.

Most of the images of leggy and booby model Lara Stone for this mag editorial shows the fashion celeb either bra-less, topless or wetting her tasty boobs. Yep, there are awesome pictures of this tall and sexy blonde celeb wetting her delicious tits. Just check out Lara Stone as she pours a bottle of water on her hooters while wearing that flimsy white tank top… before she takes it right off her beautiful body. Truly spank worthy! I’ll be stroking myself sore with these hot NFSW images!

Last Magazine hits the jackpot! I bet the particular issue of their magazine with Lara Stone’s bare breasted and wet tank top pictures will completely sell off the shelves. Celeb NFSW at its best! For more snapshots of Lara Stone and other hot celebs from movie stars, reality TV babes and super models, head on over at Celebrity Spanker today!

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Skanks It Out By Flaunting Her Crotch Out In Public

In case you are wondering who this celeb slut is on this week’s edition of Hot Sexy Celebs, you’d be surprised to know that it is Transfomers 3 cutie Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sporting that very slutty Halloween suit. One of the most sensual female celebrities on the planet was caught wearing this very weird and yet still sexy looking costume while the blonde movie star was on her way to some Halloween party. I mentioned sexy mostly because these street pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gave us great views of her crotch area!

In all honesty, the first time I browsed these skanky snaps of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the words yucky and ewww quickly dashed through my mind. I mean fur plus eyeglasses plus garters and pantyhose doesn’t really equate into your normal Halloween costume ensemble. But the minute I recognized the sultry movie celebrity slash sexy model, I let all that epic fashion mistakes go. The entire get-up suddenly became super sexy. Just look at these sexy pictures Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in that weird costume and you’ll be rewarded with this celebrity’s sexy curves, tasty legs and magnificent crotch!

No other celeb chick on Earth can pull what Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did on these sexy Halloween snapshots! The sexual movie star looks hot and it is just what we need to get through the post-Halloween hung-over sickness. There’s more nasty photos and videos of the hottest and sexiest superstars in Hollywood to enjoy inside Hot Sexy Celebs, visit today and get the latest naughty celebrity content!

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Kim Zolciak’s bikini body makes her the perfect housewife


If you follow the reality tv show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you may already remember this blonde bombshell as the “homewrecker” who admits that he loves dating married men. I’m not sure what she meant  by that but I’m thinking maybe she likes the sensation of a married dick in her MILF pussy. Whatever the reason may be, I have to admit she’s one of the hottest housewives in that reality show.


And if you really follow the show, then I have a feeling you’re probably following Kim Zolciak’s tits wherever they go. The celebrity MILF and a mom of two told an interview before that she would gladly strip her clothes off for Playboy so right now we’re just playing the waiting game. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we see Kim Zolciak’s naked body getting fucked by a group of horny married men.


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Sora Aoi naked asian pornstar in bridal lingerie


When it comes to asians porn stars with big tits who delivers the sensual erotic action so well, only one asian beauty comes to mind…Sora Aoi. This Japanese sex goddess is famously known for her tender full breasts and and soft curvaceous oriental body. She may looks like a Japanese love doll and has a sweet innocent glimmer in here eye but don’t be fooled, Sora Aoi is as hardcore as she can get.


She started as a model and a softcore porn actress but not getting enough of the dirty sex, she decided it was time to take it to an extreme level.  Think hardcore sex that shows Sora Aoi naked and getting gang fucked, bonded and raped by horny rabid men. Imagine such wild intense sexual appetite from an asian chick that has a face of innocence. That’s another point for asian chicks as sex kittens in the sack.


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Alice Goodwin topless school teacher in heat!


Now whose tits do I have to suck to go back to highschool? If it means looking at Alice Goodwin’s breasts every day of the week then I have no freakin’ problem repeating that shit all over again. Some chicks really know what men want to see and apparently Alice Goodwin knows what to do to make my dick hard and ready to pound the living shit out of her big bouncy tits.


Shit if Alice Goodwin was my teacher back in highschool, I would probably be sent to detention every fuckin’ school day because of jacking off my dick in class. A woman like her with a body made for fuckin’ isn’t allowed anywhere near anyone with a dick if she doesn’t want sexual things to happen in the premises. I mean sure I would still be respectful. I’d give my smoking hot teacher an apple everyday…and if I’m good enough maybe she would let me fuck her wet pussy from behind after school hours.


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Hayley Williams topless Twitter slut


You may have heard the latest shit that this punk goddess has pulled lately. Like any other celebwhore who dreams of making history not only because of her lame-ass music, but by showing her slutty side to the world, she decided to do something erratic like say,  a leaked topless pic. Haley Williams knows how to market her shit. I’m gonna give it to this emo whore for doing whatever it takes to get publicity just to sell her album.


On the other hand, I must say the Hayley Williams topless Twitter pic is the crappiest topless pic I’ve seen in the history of celebrity scandals. So, while I appreciate the efforts in trying to make history,  I have a feeling she won’t be seeing her tits in the hall of celebrity scandal fame pretty soon.


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Sexy UK X Factor Host Nicole Scherzinger Raising Her Skirt Way High While In London

Nicole Scherzinger hot legs show in London

So here’s our favorite celebrity with Asian ancestry, Nicole Scherzinger as she was caught raising her skirt while at the Mayfair district in London. The paparazzi had a field day when the former Pussy Cat Dolls lead vocals suddenly raised her skirt and looked as if she was going to scatch her pussy. Take a look for youself, these photos of Nicole Scherzinger really made the pop star look like she’s itching down there.

Nicole Scherzinger caught scratching her crotch in public

Scratching her crotch is so not Nicole Scherzinger. We are used on seeing her whore out those yummy perky boobs in various sexy outfits and tiny bikinis, but seeing her raise her skirt to go nudge her fingers on her crotch area is bit weird for my taste. Well, at least the photos of Nicole Scherzinger gives us prime views of those gorgeous legs.

Nicole Scherzinger whores out her sultry legs

I wonder if she’s really itching down there. Nicole Scherzinger having crabs isn’t really surprising, the question is if it’s true, who gave it to her? Well, crabs and Nicole Scherzinger’s name shouldn’t be used in one sentence. Hopefully the singer and now reality TV show host will have sexier candid photos in the next couple of days. For more of Nicole Scherzinger and other hot celebrities with Asian ancestry, visit Oriental Celebs today!

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Sabrina Sabrok’s monster tits at the beach


Good lawd almigty! Can they make tits any more bigger?? Big Brother Mexico’s Sabrina Sabrok’s tits can mince any dick to dust after titty fucking those monsters! And if that is really the case, I wouldn’t mind getting my dick minced because I bet it would feel insanely good!

Here she is firing up my screen with her topless pics that is giving me a huge boner. If these massive tits are giving you a hard-on, just imagine seeing Sabrina Sabrok’s pussy in hardcore action. She looks like the type who can handle two cocks, one each in her pussy and ass!


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